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Just another day (and a few photos)

Not much happening over the last few days. I came down with the flu late last week, but thank goodness that didn’t last long. This afternoon I lost my voice and let me tell you, being in a customer service job losing your voice is not a good thing. Hopefully it will just be a day or so and we can move on. Several years ago when I worked at MBNA (now Bank of America) I lost my voice for several months, yes I said months. It was crazy. It eventually came back but I’ve never sounded the same since.

This week is school vacation for A. I always feel bad for her during school breaks because they are so boring for her. I work during the day and daddy works at night (meaning he sleeps during the day). Because of President’s day daddy had Monday off. Her took A and her friend bowling and then shopping. On Tuesday she had a birthday party at the movies (they saw Coraline) so that was fun for her. Now the rest of the week she is stuck with me. B-O-R-ing!

Today I sent her outside because it was so nice out – the calm before the next 6 inches of snow we are due to get. Late this afternoon I went out to visit her and brought my camera with me. The photos here are a couple that I just snapped while we walked around the yard.

You may have also noticed that I uploaded some of my favorite Project 365 photos to Flickr. I have the slide show on here now because, well, I think its easier then scrolling down a bunch of pages to see them 😉
Until next time…..