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The catch up

Well to say a lot has happened since my last real post would be an understatment. We’ve had Thanksgiving – the kids came for T-day this year so that was fun; we’ve had Christmas – which was quite and small and just A, M and myself; we had New Year’s – very quiet at home; and that brings us to now. Oh also just before Thanksgiving I started knitting! I have made a few dish cloths and 2 scarves so far! Next onto trying to knit a hat.

I couldn’t keep up with P365 though I thought about it daily. I haven’t stopped taking/making photos I just haven’t posted. I’ll start posting them again as I get my blogging started again. What I’d like to do is get back to what I had started posting about – my days as a mom, a wife, and a human being on planet Earth. As well as about general random thoughts of things on my mind, recipes, the enviroment, my likes and dislikes etc.

One item of good news is that my boss has decided to use my photos in her new cookbook. I’m really excited about it and looking forward to the challenges that food photography brings. In the meantime she is using my photos on her food blog Artichokes & Asparagus. It’s so much fun to see my photos being used by someone else. I get one of those flittery feelings everytime I see one published somewhere. I wonder if that feeling ever goes away – I hope not.

Also on another good note – I finally got my first “real” camera – meaning not a point and shoot which is what I have been using. Yes, its true all those lovely photos I made with my little ole point and shoot. I’ve been surprised at how many people thought I was using a much better camera. It’s kind of fun to hear.

I’ve also been asked to do a friends senior portraits. We will see how that goes. I’m not too confident in my people photos yet – need to practice some more on that. And I have no idea what to charge – its been a while (not telling how long) since I had mine done. Any suggestions?

On the family side – A has started playing pee wee basketball and just had her first game this week. She scored the first points, had the first steal, and got the first foul! Not too bad for her 2nd day ever of playing b-ball. We are really proud of her. My husband has become a Facebook addict – all my fault for introducing him to it. It has been fun making friends with some of his classmates – I’m finding out all the hidden “dirt” on him – very fun!

Well I think that about catches you up for the time being. I’d like to start a random segment called “Randomness” which is my name for a take on something a fellow blogger/photographer does called her “Brain Dump”.

Another thing you will probably see more of are links. I love reading blogs. I actually subscribe to over a hundred of them and read whenever there is a new post. The blogs I read include blogs on cooking, gardens, photography, eco/green, SEO/SEM, celebrity gossip, animals (those two are guilty pleasures), entertainment, sailing, knitting, and then a bunch that fall under random. When I see something I really like – I’d like to share it with you.

I really think that wraps up this post. I’ll leave you with a photo I made today. While it may be cold and snowy outside it is still beautiful here in the great state of Maine.