If you’re having a rough day watch this laughing baby!

If you are need of a good laugh, you’ve got to watch this. Anytime I’m having a rough day I just watch this. I wanted to share and spread the laughter!


2 thoughts on “If you’re having a rough day watch this laughing baby!

  1. ah, yes! the delightful sound of baby laughter! how can one resist it?? you found a good one… i love how the baby starts laughing in anticipation of the paper ripping, just knowing what’s coming! 🙂 i did a baby laughing post one day as well: http://heartrocklife.blogspot.com/2008/08/laughter-best-medicine.html. it’s great laughter material if you haven’t heard it yet!A joyful heart is good medicine…~Proverbs 17:22a

  2. Elizabeth,I can;t seem to find your e-mail to put you on my newsletter list….my blog has evolved into a newsletter.Oh my that baby today is hilarious…Thanks!Josiejosieiselin@lovingblind.com

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