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Day Thirty-nine – Forty nine

It’s been awhile since I posted but I have been making photos every day. I actually missed being here, but things have been so busy I just come home fix dinner and crash. It’s good to be back and I hope I can keep up the momentum!
Day 49 – These are hollyhocks that are out in Annie’s garden. I love how Victorian they look in gardens. They stand so tall and come in so many colors. This was in the morning after it rained and I love how translucent they look when no flash is used. The star in the really stands out in two very different ways with and without flash. The bee seemed to be sleeping and covered in pollen.

Day 48 – I love how dew and rain look on delicate leaves. While walking in the garden I noticed how pretty the asparagus ferns looked. This is what happens to asparagus if you don’t cut it!

Day 47 – Today is Anna’s 7th birthday. She requested a lemon cake with chocolate frosting. I had tried to use pink frosting to write the letters, but realized that the tube I bought needed special tips that of course I didn’t get. So the pink frosting when in the middle of the two layers and I used these pink flowers from the garden. We all thought the cake turned out looking quite Hawaiian!

Day 46 – I finally got Anna’s gifts wrapped. I love to wrap and had fun picking out the different wrapping papers. Actually I have quite a collection of paper. Only those that know me well know how much I truly love to wrap. One year for Christmas Annie gave me a gift of a box of different wrapping papers,ribbons, and bows. It was one of the best gifts I ever received – so me!

Day 45 – Did I mention I love snapdragons?!?!

Day 44 – A carpet of clover.

Day 43 – The first Saturday of August, every year is the Maine Lobster Festival Parade. We always take the kids. My favorite part is always when the bagpipers walk by. I just love the sound of bagpipes. It’s nice that we live so close so we don’t have to worry about parking!

Day 42 – We took the kids to the festival today. Raychel and I checked out the art and commercial tents. The art this year was great – mostly photography – I was in heaven! We caught up with Mark, Riley and Anna who were doing the ride thing and Mark was standing near this giant banana. I couldn’t help but take a photo. He looks so happy – the banana too 😉

Day 41 – More pretty flowers from the garden.

Day 40 – The fog was rolling in as I took this photo of Marshall Point Lighthouse.

Day 39 – I love weeping willow trees. They are so romantic – the way they sway in the breeze. Ahhh makes me want to set up a hammock and do some reading underneath one.