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Day Sixty-one to Sixty-five!

That’s it. I’m caught up to date on P365!

Day 65 – My tomato plant has grown bigger then any other tomato plant I’ve ever had. The tomato stakes only come up halfway to the top of these buggers. It’s now up to the mid section of our bottom floor windows and above the railing of the steps. The good news is its producing wonderfully sweet orange cherry tomatoes. I will often come home from work and check to see what riped that day and eat one or two before I even get in the house.

Day 64- I took Anna with me to the Farmer’s Market on Thursday and she wanted to get a pint of tomatoes. Mine we only giving me a half dozen a day so I said okay. Of course with all this sunshine they are ripening really fast. I now have more tomatoes then I can eat. Lets just say we have had tomato salad a few times this week. What was cool about the FM tomatoes is it had several different cherry tomatoes. Mine are the orange ones on the right.

Day 63 – Took a drive down to Stockton Springs to Fort Point Lighthouse to drop a couple of passengers off who had missed the boat. We took a walk over to the lighthouse and then joined everyone for dinner on the Riggin. Dinner was pasta with a choice of three sauces – Spicy Sausage, Caramelized leek with something else really yummy, or a pesto sauce. Also a salad and roasted red pepper bread. For dessert Annie made this plum something or other that was so delicious. I’m so getting that recipe! I might even share it here!

Day 62- This sunset over the harbor was just beautiful and I couldn’t choose which one I liked the best for today’s photo so I’m putting up all 3 of my favorites. I love how in the third one the clouds get this reddish hue to the bottom side of them.

Day 61- These raspberries are growing wild out behind the chicken area. So tasty to eat right off the vine (plant) hmm not sure there.