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Day Fifty to Sixty

Here is the next set of missing P365 photos!

Day 60 – FooFoo the cat, yes like “little bunny FooFoo”, was sitting in the window looking at a bird in the tree outside, but the angle she was looking at looked like she was eyeing the fish in the window.
Day 59- On our way back to the car after swimming we noticed how all of the ducks that had been in the lake with us were now chilling on land. This set up of this photo reminds me of being a child and feeding the ducks at the beach.

Day 58 – Look how big my baby chicks are getting. No more fuzz and they are covered in feathers. On another note, we have two more broody mamas so we are hatching more chicks. Labor Day weekend is the due date.

Day 57 – I love black eyed susans. I had fun playing with layers in this photo. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope.

Day 56 – Anna and I walk by this house often and I always wonder about the people that live here. They must be fun to have a sign like this in their front yard…right?

Day 55 – This is my monthly photo of me, lol.

Day 54- Some wildflowers growing on the side of the road. They look so much like snapdragons.

Day 53 – My grandmother. When Anna was little she was scared of crows. They were big, black and loud. I told her that when someone passes away they can still watch over us by using crows eyes. That when a crow is near or making noise its someone that we love that is no longer with us. So now when we see a crow she informs me that Nam, my grandmother, and/or Savannah, my Siamese cat are watching or talking to us. It’s really sweet. And she knows there is always someone watching over her.

Day 52 – Queen Anne’s lace reminds me of summer. And of Anne of Green Gables – one of my favorite stories every!

Day 51 – Anna and I came upon this scene as we were taking a walk after dinner one night. Birch trees, cat-o-nine tails and purple wildflowers.

Day 50- I love how these two birch trees are in the middle of this yard with nothing else around them.