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Day Thirty-eight

The girls have themselves in bed early tonight because one of the consequences for horsing around at bed time is going to bed early the next night. Then the next time it happens this happens for two night, etc. Needless to say they are going to bed early for 3 nights. So it was just Riley and I hanging out. The kids love seeing what my photo of the day is going to be and often give me ideas or pitch ideas to me. Since is was just the two of us we decided to take a photo of his Cars collection of cars- all 32 of them. Cars is a Disney movie that we all love and Riley collects the collectible cars that they put out. He has quite a collection going. He also has a good collection of cars other then Cars cars too, lol. That’s very confusing to type – hope it makes sense reading. In all he has over 400 cars between here and his house in Missouri! Now that’s a collection!

Since this was his idea I thought this was more his photo of the day so I took another just to be sure I was covered as making a photo a day. This second photo is of the books I can’t bear to put in the closet. We don’t have space in our small apartment for a bookshelf so in the almost 5 years I’ve been living here my books have never gotten unpacked….except for these. I have a very strange collection of books and like to read about many different things. On the shelf next to my desk is a book on herbs; Emily Post’s Book of Etiquette; Harry Potter and the Blood Prince (but only because I haven’t read it yet); The Age of Fighting Sail by CS Forester; Heal Your Body A-Z by Louise Hay (I live by this book – if anything ails me I turn to this!); Billy Whiskers a children’s book that was given to me by my great grandfather – its a story he read as a child; Dos , Donts & Maybes of English Usage – I love reading books like this; Sail Tall Ships – but out by ASTA; 1941 copy of The Captain from Connecticut another book by CS Forester, 1st ed The Running of the Tide; Selected poems of Walt Whitman, a first edition 1930 copy of Cakes and Ale or The Skeleton in the Cupboard by W Somerset Maugham; HMS Surprise; 1946 Great Britain Edition of Lord Hornblower; and a 1955 copy of More’s Utopia. I do love collecting old books – I get so excited when I hit a lawn sale and they have old hardcover books. Okay, okay I’ll stop boring you! Here is take two of day thirty eight.

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