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Day Thirty-seven

Along with photography, sailing, writing, and gardening my other passion is cooking. This isn’t because I know how to cook – though I’m a work in progress, but because I come from a family of cooks and now I work for a chef. My grandmother was a fabulous cook – though I think its an unwritten rule that all grandmothers are; My mom was a cook; and my aunt Melody is a chef and owns her own restaurant here in Rockland called In Good Company. Also my boss lady Annie Mahle is a chef and along with cooking on the Riggin, has written a cookbook, has a weekly column in the Portland Press Herald (though she is on hiatus for the summer), writes for Maine’s only food magazine Maine Food & Lifestyle and teaches cooking in the winter -she even appeared on the Today Show. Anyway needless to say I get all kinds of great ideas from each of them, though from my grandmother they are remembered recipes.

Anyway while at the farmers market last Thursday I picked up some beans- white, green and purple. Man oh man were they tasty. I was a bit surprised though that when serving dinner the purple ones were missing. I’m so glad I took the photo below before I cooked them. Evidently the purple beans turn green when cooked – who knew!

Okay I have to brag for a quick second here. Its fairly stereotypical that the man of the house is the grill master. Not in mine 😉 I have to toot my own horn and say I made kick ass steak tonight! I marinaded the steaks in two marinades – one for the kids and one for Mark and I. I love World Harbors marinades. They actually approached us to do a photo shoot on the Riggin, but long story short they went with using the Victory Chimes, and I’m glad they didn’t shoot on our boat. In their pitch to us they sent a whole bunch of marinades. Annie doesn’t use that kind of stuff because she makes her own so I got to bring home over a dozen different flavors. Tonight I used the Teriyaki for the kids and Chimichurri for us. Yummmmy!

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  1. hey there…i regularly surf around for Maine-themed blogs and stumbled upon yours recently. I see that you sail, and are also a cook, as well as a blogger :)I admin a boating blog in the Casco Bay area, and am looking for someone to take on a food/cooking onboard/underway section of the blog…are you interested? it wouldn’t be a full time gig obviously, but making meals with what can fit in a cooler or dorm fridge, using an on-board grill and/or microwave oven and limited utensilry could make for some interesting columns. I’d love to have you as a contributor to the blog, please leasve a comment anywhere on to hear from you soon.

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