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Day Thirty-six

Today we took Rick and John (my husbands best friend and our best man and his brother-in-law) to Port Clyde to Marshall Point Lighthouse. They had just come off the trip on the J&E Riggin – a benefit to knowing me ;-). Anyway we stopped at Subway picked up lunch and headed out there. It was great to be there as its one of my favorite lighthouses here in Maine. Did you know it was in Forest Gump? And Thinner (a Stephen King movie) too.

We also got, I think, our family photo for Christmas. The shot I wanted wasn’t coming out because of the location of the sun, but we did end up with one that I’m fairly happy with. Every year we have to get our family photo in the summer when Raychel and Riley are here. It’s difficult for me because I’m the one with the camera so I’m at the mercy of who ever is around to snap for me. Today Rick got a couple of good shots including the one I think we may go with. With only three more weeks until the kids go back to Missouri I’m running out of time. This will be our third year in a row of doing this. The first year we used us at Mount Battie and last year our wedding photo.
Anyway while we were there I got today’s photo – Cupid’s Cobblestone. Raychel and I searched the beach for more heart shaped rocks and found these two.

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  1. Ok, I have to tell you, I LOVE the name you have used to sign your pictures. It really just hit me what it was. LOVE LOVE LOVE it, very creative. I have been trying so many new logos for the business and I just haven’t found one i am completely in love with, but yours is wicked creative. I am so glad we get to share our photos together!

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