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Day Thirty-four

Every Thursday at the Rockland public landing the Farmer’s Market sets up shop. I LOVE going to see what fresh veggies, flowers, breads, and cheeses I can find. I have my favorite vendors like Appleton Creamery, Black Dinah Chocolatiers and several farms. One of the farms had these gorgeous flowers they were selling. If my cats didn’t eat every flower I brought in the house I would have bought them. Instead I snapped this photo. I also go white, red and green beans, black prince tomatoes, two cheeses from Appleton Creamery, and bread from Atlantic Baking Company.


2 thoughts on “Day Thirty-four

  1. ElizabethWhat time is the farmers market? I want in!

  2. Hey Brandi – The Farmers Market is from 9 to noon but they are usually there until 1pm. If you plan on coming down….let me kwow and I’ll meet you there- it would be fun to meet in person!

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