Maine · Photography

Day Thirty-three

Tonight we boarded for a short 3 day trip. Every night we board I go to the schooner to greet all of the passengers who I have spoken with as they made their reservation and asked questions. We started doing this a few years ago and it really is pretty cool to be able to carry that personal phone conversation or email into someones travel plans. I love being there to have faces to go with the voices I hear. When I introduce myself it goes something like…”Hi, I’m Elizabeth…the voice of the Riggin.” This is usually followed by something like “Oh! You’re Elizabeth” or “Oh, your THE Elizabeth.”

At every boarding we have a crew member and our apprentice there to help show passengers to their cabins. Today’s photo is of my boarding mates tonight – Moxie and Scupper. No, these aren’t their real names, but its what they go by on the boat….how they got these names is a story for another day. Scupper and Moxie were glad to have found the cranberry juice for boarding snacks!