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Day Thirty-two

Last year my neighbor planted this bee balm on the side of the driveway to make it a little prettier. I didn’t think it would come back this year, but it did and is finally in bloom. She planted both white and purple (or pink if you ask my husband).
Did you know that Bee Balm can be used as an antiseptic? Or that you can make tea with it to treat gingivitis? It is actually has a very close taste to that of Oregano – which I love to use in my spaghetti sauce, homemade pizza and in herb bread. Hummingbirds love bee balm too. Oh one more little fact about it…if you grow it next to tomatoes it can improve the flavor of them. Who knew…okay well I did, but then again people used to call me (and still do sometimes) the bottomless pit of useless information.