Project 365 updates

I realize that its been a week since I posted. It’s been a bit busy as we headed out on the J&E Riggin for a short 3 day trip and then I played catch up at work. I have finally had time to go through all my photos from the past week (over 600 photos) and am ready to make some posts. I got to thinking though…I didn’t like the way that long post a couple of weeks ago came out. Mostly becasue I coulndt write about each photo. I sort of feel something special about each of my photos of the day and want to share it (and also so that I’ll remember what I was feeling when I snapped it.). So below you will find 9 posts that while they are individually dated for the day and were taken on the day they are posted for, I’m just now getting them here today. I hope you like them. I sure had a good time making them.

The one with bricks is for my new photography friend who likes to make photographs of urban scenes. This is my urban photo for you Ryan 😉

On a side note I think I’m going to go back to the photo logo I was using before I started posting with Project 365. I’ll start after this group of photos is done. Let me know what you think.