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Day Twenty-Eight

Raychel has been asking for a photo of me for the last couple of weeks. Honestly, other then our wedding and a family photo there really aren’t any of me. I’m the one with the camera. The last day of the trip I was laying down in the aft part of the J&E Riggin behind the captains wheel and Annaliese, my 6 year old wanted to have some snuggle time. Mark asked for the camera and snapped this one of us.

I know that probably doesn’t count as my photo of the day because I didn’t take it….but I think it will count for the 1 photo a month I’m supposed to take of myself….kinda, lol.

Just in case it doesn’t count and I’m almost done with the first month of Project 365 here is one I did make. I got up with Annie at 5am the last day of the trip so I could get photos of her baking which all happens really early in the morning. We had anchored in Pulpit Harbor on the back side of North Haven. It’s one of my most favorite spots to anchor. Its quiet and peaceful and just seems to be so untouched by all the business that surrounds me when I’m not on the schooner sailing. Anyway….the Heritage who also sails out of Rockland anchored in Pulpit as well. This morning it was so quiet – only a few people were awake and I just couldn’t help but take this photo.


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