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Day Twenty-three

We finally went strawberry picking! Chef Annie, by boss, co captain of the J&E Riggin and author of At Home, At Sea: Recipes from the Maine Windjammer J&E Riggin is a participant is a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with Hope’s Edge Farm. Actually the buy 3 shares every year which Annie then uses on the schooner cooking for 24 passengers and 6 crew every summer/fall. Having 3 shares is quite a bit so when we were told we needed to pick 18 quarts of strawberries I opted to bring my family along! More hands make for lighter work.

I have to say we had quite a good time. My husband Mark kept test tasting to make sure that the strawberries were “good”. He kept saying well this doesn’t look like a good one, would then eat it only to discover – huh – it was good after all! I had to laugh. The kids were great about asking and every three times they did I said yes they could eat one. I was very proud of myself and I didn’t eat a single on until they were all picked and we were back at the car. There was another share holder there who thought it was amazing I wasn’t eating any of them. I told her I like to wait to the end just like when I eat lobster. I’m the only person I know that will pick all of the lobster meat and not taste a single bite until its all picked. I prefer to do the work and then savor the outcome whether it be lobster or sun ripened strawberries. I think they taste so much better that way.

Today’s photo is of Raychel who was the strawberry picking champ. She picked more quarts then anyone….and she had a good time while doing it.