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Day Twenty

We were going to go strawberry picking today but decided to go on Saturday in the morning when its cooler. So once again I was in search of a photo. I wandered the garden again and saw that another type of rose is about to bloom. Then I went in to check on my baby chicks to see how they were doing. Since it was my lunch break I brought my camera out with me. I got some fun photos of the chicks who now have feathers and their mamas. I love how they are getting little mohawks on their head! I also finished collecting the 12 eggs and thought of a photo to make – the photo of the day (or so I thought).

This picture brings to thought “which came first the egg or the chicken”! I actually had to laugh at myself as I was doing this – how cheesy!

After I got the chicks back into their area and opened the hen house door I sat down to watch the other hens. This is when my gal, Calliope, came over to me and nestled right against my legs. Calliope was the only chick I got to name from the batch of chicks Annie ordered last year. Every time I went to visit she was the one who would come over to me and sit in my hand. She would lay down in my hand and fall asleep. I found this amazing because chickens are not like cats – they don’t really snuggle with you – but Calliope did. Anyway I love visiting Calliope out in the yard. She always follows me around and if I sit she will come over and jump up on my leg or allow me to pick her up and carry her around. As I was making more photographs of the hens I made this one of Calliope and have decided that it is the photo of the day!