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Kathleen & May

As you know I work for the Schooner J&E Riggin. The J&E Riggin is a National Historic Landmark and a traditionally rigged schooner. She was originally built in 1927 as an oyster dredger for Charles Riggin and named after his sons Jacob & Edward.

I was first introduced to wooden ships when I was working at the Captain Lindsey House Inn in Rockland. The owners also owned a wooden schooner, the Stephen Taber. The innkeepers at the inn also did her reservations. Just as I was staring we also started doing the reservations for the J&E Riggin. Long story short, I’ve since left the inn and for the last 4 years (6 in total) have been working solely for Jon & Annie and the Riggin.

I am in love with these wooden works of art that sail around our harbor. There are 14 schooners in the Rockland, Rockport, Camden area. Well actually there are 13 because the Angelique is actually a ketch. Anyway, I love wooden boats. I often dream about buying a boat and just sailing all summer long with like minded people.

This past winter I found a boat I ship that took my breath away. She is amazing and beautiful. She is the Kathleen & May. She is the last remaining British wooden hull 3 masted schooner. I read an article about how she was for sale and the current owner really doesn’t want her to leave the UK. She is a very important part of their Maritime History. Steve Clarke found her in terrible disrepair and has done a rebuild of her back to her 1900 specification costing more then 2 million pounds! If you click over to the site be sure to read about her history, important dates, and the video/photo gallery. She really is an amazing vessel.

The J&E Riggin is going to go under a rebuild in 2010 and the captains Jon Finger and Anne Mahle have formed a non-profit to help. The Association for Maritime Preservation, Inc is designed to help preserve maritime history and artifact including schooners and other historic wooden vessels. I hate the thought of any more of these schooners being lost to us.

I have dreamt about buying the Kathleen & May but would hate for her to leave the UK as her owner does, but wouldn’t it be grand……ahhh just dreaming about it now. I know a lot of women who love to shop – I’m not one of them. I’m a catalog shopper and I love looking at house plans dreaming of what my dream home will look like. And now…I dream of historic wooden vessels I could care for.

And on that note….I’ll stop boring you 😉