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The Bucket List

Mark and I watched The Bucket List last night. Wow….loved it. Its a story about two men who come from two different walks of life and end up in the same situation. The embark on this journey that has humor, sadness, joy, and acceptance. It stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman – two actors I love. Sean Hayes had a small part too.

I love the idea of a bucket list. I’m thinking I want to make a bucket list for a few different things like life, my garden, books to read, movies to watch and things.

In my opinion I give the movie an A-.

Did you know…
– Jack has acted in over 70 films and television shows – the first in 1958?
– Jack was voted class clown at his high school?
– Jack was offered the roll of Sy in One Hour Photo but turned it down (Robin Williams got the part)
My favorite Jack Nicholson movies are: The Bucket List, Anger Management, and A Few Good Men

– Morgan has acted in over 85 films and television shows
– Morgan has his private pilots license
– Morgan is left handed
My favorite Morgan Freeman films are: Lucky Number Slevin, High Crimes, and Driving Miss Daisy