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Day Eighteen

These are my boys, my babies, my sanity with fur. I once read that animals help to calm nerves and can relieve stress. For me nothing is more true. I love my boys.

Romeo – the black/brown tiger in the front and being a ham for the camera we got from the Camden- Rockport Animal Rescue League here in Camden Maine. He came to the shelter as a feral cat from Islesboro, you know the island that John Travolta, Kelly Preston, and Kirstie Alley have homes. He hated people but has turned into the most lovable and friendly cat – and is such a diva – for a boy!

The yellow tiger in the back is Stewie – well its Stewart really. He is named after Tony Stewart the Nascar driver. My husband and son love Nascar and while were were thinking of names Mark was watching a race. Evidently Tony Stewart drives the Home Depot car – which is orange….are you seeing where I’m going here?

I have lots of stories about my boys to share but not today. We’ll save that for another time.


One thought on “Day Eighteen

  1. I was getting worried that there wasn’t going to be any more posts, I have been checking everyday! Glad to see you are posting again! Thanks for the updates the pictures are great, and I see you tried the border trick!

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