Garden · Maine

Days 6 through 16

Sorry its been awhile since I posted. Things have really busy around here, not to mention the trouble I’ve had with my blog account and uploading photos. Still, I have been taking photos everyday to post. So here are the last several photos.

Day 6 – Daisies just after a summer rain.

Day 7 – A dragonfly that landed in my garden.
Day 8 – I just love the way these trees
look outside my work window.
Day 9 – Freshly picked strawberries from Annie’s garden.
Day 10 – I couldn’t stop smelling these beautiful
pink roses. Everytime I went outside the fragrance
just carried in the wind.
Day 11 – Snap peas almost ready for picking … and eating.

Day 12 – Two shades of pink peonies.

Day 13 – Eggberta peeks out from underneath her mama.

Day 14 – Happy 4th of July!
Day 15 – A path leading to someplace wondeful.

Day 16 – An early evening haze
overlooking my favorite picnic spot.