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Day Four

I was going to use another chick photo today as I was very excited to see that I still had two chicks this morning. I’ve stopped calling them #1 and #2 and dubbed the first Eggbert (or Eggberta if its a girl) and number two is TuTu. And I have more good news to share as of when I was leaving work tonight chick #3 was hatching. I’m praying this one will be okay too and it will be there in the morning.

Anyway – photo of the day. The kids and I went cloud chasing tonight because as the storm was rolling in there were some amazing cloud formations. We went down to the dock that the J&E Riggin sails from so I could get a shot of the clouds over the bay and the kids wanted to gather some starfish. After seeing them with the starfish they asked if this could be my photo of the day. So here it is.