Day Three – What a day it was

I’m combining my photos and post tonight, because today was one for the record books. When I woke up to go to work this morning I anticipated the normal Monday activities. Instead I witnessed life, death and a became a midwife to baby chicks.

Yep – today the eggs that Annie’s chickens have been sitting on started to hatch – about a half hour before the boat was due to leave. Needless to say since Annie and the girls were gone and Mandy our garden/chicken gal is sick – I played midwife. By 9:30 we had one hatched chick and one that had cracked through its shell. To make a very very long day shorter. We had two chick and one didn’t make it. Evidently if there is something wrong with a chick the mama will kick it out of the nest or kill it. Well the mama did the second one and let me tell you – it ruined my day. It was so terrible I’m not even going to tell you.

So after putting together a nesting box for the two mama’s (Calliope and BrownSpot) and the babies, cutting chicken wire to make a separator to keep the other adults out of the nesting box and a whole lot of other things I finally sat down. I stayed at work until 7:30 because I was worried that the baby would be too cold. I also thought I saw a half shell underneath Calliope and wanted to make sure that if there was another chick that it was going to be okay and not be like #2. The babies don’t have names yet, so I’m calling them by numbers. About 7:15 as Calliope and BrownSpot were moving around a little I saw a second set of big black eyes look out from under Calliope’s wing. Whew! A second fluffy chick. I can’t tell what kind of chick it is yet but its blonde like Calliope who is a Buff Orpington, but it has a dark spot on the back of its neck and BrownSpot is taking care of it like its hers. BrownSpot is a Black Australorp. Guess I’ll have to wait a little bit to know for sure. In a day or two I’ll know if its a hen or a rooster.

As of when I left tonight we have two fluffy light yellow chick. I took so photos while I was sitting there with them this evening, and while they are not great shots, they are my photo of the day. The kids helped me pick which ones to share.

Wish me luck for at least two chicks in the morning!