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Cupid’s Cobblestones

That is the name I have decided on. Cupid’s Cobblestones is what I’m going to call my heart shaped rocks.

On another note regarding heart shaped rocks – I was very excited when I opened my inbox this morning. In it was a comment to yesterdays post about heart shaped rocks from Josie Iselin from California who has just published a book called “Heartstones“. This is one of her photos you see to the right. Check out her site. I love her photographs with the beach stones and heart stones. I particularly like the following ones BS-80-81 north haven, BS-130-131 san francisco, and BS-22-23 white lines, north haven in the Beach Stones page and CH-1 love rocks on the Close to Home page. Josie has a blog and she posts photos of hearts that folks from all over the world have sent her. It’s so neat that “love” really is everywhere. I actually wonder if the photos that are titled with North Haven are from our North Haven here in Maine. Be sure to check out Josie’s blog for more “love”.
I hope you will send me your “love” sightings too. I’d love to see where love appears in your day.