The J&E Riggin is home!!!

Yesterday afternoon I headed down to the Rockland Harbor Park dock to take some photos and video of the J&E Riggin coming home to Rockland. More importantly I was there to catch lines. Also on the dock with me was Don Carrigan from WCSH, our local NBC station, and Emily Sapienza from Village Soup. A short clip of the Riggin coming home appeared on last nights news and Village Soup ran a piece today with some pretty nice photos. I hate that there a “big butt” shot, but man-oh-man if you could have heard the sound of the Riggin scrapping on the dock you would have used all your strength to push her off too.

I do have to say she looks beautiful. Captain Jon and the crew at Boothbay Shipyard did a great job putting her back together again. In case you hadn’t heard…she was vandalized back in December. Click on the Village Soup link above to read the article with the recap and the updates from yesterday. The link to WCSH is for the news piece that ran on our local NBC last night.

One thought on “The J&E Riggin is home!!!

  1. Being part of the Maine coast is something I will never get out of my blood. I can tell you love it too.

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