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Not good…

One of the blogs I read daily called “Green Daily” had the following post below yesterday about how eating snow is not good for you. I’m so disappointed! I live in Maine. It’s winter. In Maine, in the winter there is snow and one of my favorite things to do after we have a snow is go get the bowl I’ve left outside – bring it in the house and put local maple syrup on top. It’s so much fun to do with the kids and its tradition. I’ve been doing it since I was 5 years old. Well I plan on continuing to do this but thought I’d put up their post for those of you who live by all the rules.

You might want to cross this off a list of fun and simple things for kids to do: Eating snow. A recent study has found that snow, even in pristine spots, contains large amounts of bacteria. The bacteria is Pseudomonas syringae, and it is apparently everywhere. But according to Dr. Penelope Dennehy, kids won’t get anything from snow that they wouldn’t get from dirt. So maybe eating snow is ok? Well, according to pediatricians cited in the AP article about this study, even if this bacteria isn’t a big deal, parents may want to be cautious about large amounts of snow-eating anyway. Why? Because of ordinary air pollution that finds its way into snow. Lovely. Written by: Patricia Mayville-Cox