An Opinion

Before you read any further….. I’m not necessarily a Democrat or a Republican. I tend to vote for the candidate. Below was something written by a friend of a friend and was shared with me. This person is taking a writing class and the homework was to write something ending with ” you know what I mean”. It’s a bit of a rant, but I have to say it made me stop and think….and there is nothing I love more then to read things that make me think. I know I don’t usually talk politics, but I have to stay this whole presidential race has me intrigued. This is the first time I’ve really understood what was going on and actually been interested. I don’t know if that’s because of my age or the candidates or that I’m just sick and tired of the way the country is being run and I’m ready for progress and change….I don’t necessarily think any of these candidates are great for the job but whether we like it or not one of them is going to be our next president.

You know what I mean…. by someone with an opinion

– Well, we’ve got another real political contest don’t we. You know what I mean.

– Barack Obama the patron saint of mediocrity and Hillary Clinton. I mean she ‘s not Satan but she’s the girl that buy’s Satin his cigarettes. You know what I mean.

– I mean where the hell did this Barrack Obama come from anyway. A two year senate term that he has been spent mostly out on the campaign trail. Give me a fuckin break. What has he really done and where does his money come from and who does he owe, that’s what I want to know, you know what I mean.

– Yes We Can; what a load of crap. Yes We Can do what? Watch another election cycle slip past us, buy into yet another pipe dream. Are you smoking crack out there on the trail Obama? You know what I mean?

– Does anything he has to say sound possible to you? Health care, secure borders, amnesty for illegal aliens. Hey Barack heard of global warming? Got a plan for that. What’s it matter if we have Mexicans in the country if the fuckin country in 20 ft underwater. That’s just a little detail, I wouldn’t worry about that. You know what I mean.

– And Hillary, Jesus Christ. She’s like that little girl in the Exorcist you know what I mean, with her head spinning around puking up pea soup. You can’t be beat her into submission. She’s like the little energizer bunny on steroids. Shut up , just shut up, you know what I mean.

– Experience Ready To Lead on day one. Yea well I feel better all ready. Never mind her involvement in the White Water Scandal, never mind that she voted for the war in Iraq, never mind that the all powerful health care advocate got her ass kicked by the special interests lobbyist’s the first time she tried to bring about universal health care, never mind that she voted in favor of the Patriot ll act which gave power to President Bush to use Verizon before 9/11 to spy on all of us, and never mind that her campaign money comes from the drug and oil companies. That shouldn’t make a difference you know what I mean.

– Because when she gets into the White House she’s going to turn her back on all the oil and drug lobbyists and the Military Industrial Complex and all her pal’s in the Bidelberg Group and the gang on the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations and she’s going to restore America’s image around the world, get our troop’s out of Iraq a war by the way she voted for, and on day one be prepared to lead if the little red crisis phone rings at 3:00 am in the Oval Office. Give me a fuckin break, you know what I mean.

Then there’s John McCain. We are so totally screwed. You know what I mean!

Anyway, I enjoyed the thought process this person was going through when writing this and I think there are points that we all are thinking about. And like I said, we may not like any of our choices, but one of them will be representing us and our county for the next 4 years. If nothing else…..food for thought.