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Media Circus

I’m sure by now you have read, heard, or seen that Supreme Court Justice John Roberts had a seizure at his summer home in Maine yesterday. Well his summer home is not too far from here and he was of course taken to our local hospital. My mom just so happened to be in the waiting room of the hospital when all this happened.

While she was in the waiting room the administrator comes out and says they have 4 doctors working and they will get to everyone when they can. My mom was sitting next to a man who had taken time off from work to bring his 86 year old mother in who was covered from head to toe in a rash, there was a child with a really bad cough, a man vomiting, a lady with a big gash in her chin and a blood soaked towel and my mom who were kept waiting. The man (with the mother) asked the administrator if it was because of Mr. Roberts (the TV in the waiting room was already on CNN – who was also just outside the waiting room door along with every other network reporter imaginable). The administrator said he couldn’t comment. Then everyone heard CNN report that Justice Roberts was at the local hospital in Rockport after suffering a fall. I imagine it was a bit amusing to hear on CNN what the hospital administer refused to comment on. There was a media circus here in town yesterday and they all stayed overnight either at a hotel and some camped out at the hospital our local paper reported today.

So they have Justice Roberts in the ER and lots of people who need medical attention, 4 doctors working and no one was seen for 2 ½ hours! I mean seriously. Oh, and I forgot to mention that after my mom had been waiting for about an hour a man came in, in a wheel chair with a bone protruding from his leg…he had to wait too. I guess even the Supreme Court Justices get Presidential treatment. I’m really glad that no one had a life threatening illness – though I’d say a bone sticking out of your skin and pants, a rash covering you from head to toe, a bleeding gash in your chin are all pretty serious. What does this say about our hospital? Is Mr. Robert’s life is more important or valuable then the other patients in the waiting room yesterday? I mean really do they think these people with these injuries want to take the time out of their pain and suffering to harm Justice Roberts …who came to the local hospital AFTER they did! Seriously. It’s all very interesting, don’t you think.

Oh, and my mom…has strep throat…. so while sitting there for 2 ½ hours yesterday I hope she didn’t infect anyone else! If she did…I’d send the bill to John Roberts.