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I hate traffic! Lobster…okay!

Living here in Maine is great. I love almost everything about it. But in the middle of summer when traffic is at its worst we have the Maine Lobster Festival. Tomorrow (8/1) is the start of the 60th Annual Maine Lobster Festival. While it brings folks from all over and helps the small businesses of downtown Rockland….I can’t stand it! Too many cars, not enough people walking…when people are walking and go to cross the street – they don’t look before crossing in the crosswalks….IF they even use them….like I know where someone is going to walk before they start walking.

I don’t usually rant…..but this venting is coming from my short 2/10th of a mile journey down Main Street today to get the mail and almost hitting a family of 4, a single woman, a man with his dog and a teenager – and the festival doesn’t start until tomorrow. Seriously people….look before you walk. Okay I’m done with that.

On an up note….the local newspaper – the Courier Gazette printed a “Maine Lobster Festival By The Numbers” piece in Saturday’s edition. I thought the numbers were interesting and though I’d share them with you.

” During the five days of the 2006 festival, here is what was cooked and served:”

Pounds of Lobster….. 19,884

Single Lobster Dinners….. 3,874

Twin Lobster Dinners….. 3,487

Triple Lobster Dinners….. 1,961

Ears of corn….. 12,060

Dinner Rolls…..10,116

Pounds of Butter…..1,728

Sides of corn and coleslaw….. 3,316

Bushels of Mussels….. 35

Orders of Steamed Mussels….. 598

Bushels of Clams….. 51

Orders of Steamed Clams….. 769

Pounds of Fried Shrimp….. 276

Orders of Fried Shrimp….. 337

Pounds of Fried Scallops….. 350

Orders of Fried Scallops….. 398

Pounds of Fried Clams….. 174

Orders of Fried Clams….. 428

Pounds of Shrimp Cocktail….. 210

Orders of Shrimp Cocktail….. 421