A Proud Momma!

Over last week and this week Meme (my mother-in-law, Marie) has taken turns having the kids stay with her for a couple of days so she gets to spend some grandma time with them before they head home on August 11th. Last week Riley went and got to hang out with his 1 cousin, Matthew. They had a great time, especially since Riley is surrounded by girls! Raychel is at Meme’s house this week and will be back tomorrow.

This morning in the shower (where all my brilliant ideas happen) I thought, what if I have Anna hang out with me at work and Mark and Riley can have some private Daddy time. He has his step-day in Missouri, but it’s not the same. No one can replace Dad. Raychel has their mom, but Riley doesn’t get that close time with Dad. So I ran my idea by Mark – he really appreciated that I thought of this and mentioned with a sigh, hug and a kiss that this was one of the many reasons why he married me.

So to the reason why I titled this post A Proud Momma….a point is coming….really! I had to run a quick errand to pick up coffee at the local roasters (because the J&E Riggin tries to use as many local businesses as possible). I had Anna wait in the car while I ran in to grab the coffee (which smelled really good – the J&E Riggin blend rocks!). When I came out, Anna had been watching across the street where they are setting up the Maine Lobster Festival. At the top of the hill (the part she could see from the car) were all the kids rides, Ferris wheel, spinning things, merry-go-round etc. She said she wanted to go. I explained that we don’t have the money to do it this year. I also explained that the money we have to spend this week is for her birthday. Annaliese turns 6 on August 6th. I explained that we need to get her presents for her birthday so we can’t go on the rides this year, but we can go down and look around like we normally do.

Now here is the part where I get really proud of our little girl. She says to me, “ Well we can go here and I will do my birthday another day.” I said something to the effect of no honey, we can’t do both, we can’t do your birthday another day – once it goes by you won’t have one until next year. She comes back with “ That’s okay, I’ll just have presents next year and we can do go to the fair this year.” I then explained that if she did that she wouldn’t get any presents from mommy and daddy and then the money we would have used for the fair would be used to do the fun things at the fair for Raychel and Riley too, not just her. She replied, “Yes, that’s what I want to do. I want them to have fun before they leave…this is their last weekend here and I want them to have fun. They would have fun, right?” I said yes, and explained again that if she made this choice that meant no presents from us. She stuck by her decision and told daddy and Riley at dinner tonight. I said if she really wanted to do this she needed to tell daddy, Riley and Raychel herself.

I’m just so blown away that my almost 6 year old made a choice to give up her birthday presents so she and her brother and sister could have a fun time before they leave. I’m just so proud and blown away and happy and proud! Especially today when kids are all about the “Me, Me, Me” and “what do I get” or what-not that she has made this decision. I’m so proud of her. And I guess this means that my parenting is pretty good…that I’ve instilled some values. I didn’t realize that she had taken any of this in until today. Anyway, I’m just really proud and wanted to share. I really want to do something special for her to show her just how proud I am of her. I’ll have to think on that.