I’m sorry!

Wow, I just looked and its been since June 28th that I last posted. I’m so sorry. Although in all honesty I have been so busy I just haven’t had time to write. The sailing season is in full swing, we had a big article come out on the J&E Riggin in Traditional Home that has generated quite a bit of activity, I was planning a wedding, got married, took a few days off, got back to work, etc.

So now that I’m back…I have stories and photos galore to share with you. To start let me finish telling you about our one and only wedding crisis. The Backyard! Or the big brown as I’m now calling it. So back on the 19th of June I posted about how we went to my grandfathers where we were getting married and discovered he had bush hogged half the yard and after some thinking I had resolved that everything was okay. So to pick up where that left off- wishing that was the end of it…….we went down the Saturday after and there was a backhoe in the backyard with a big pile of dirt that come up to my shoulder and smelled like the chicken manure pile at a farm…right where our guests were supposed to come and walk to the ceremony site. Yea…tell me about it. Lets just say I was upset all over again – to remain polite and ladylike….what I was really saying might cause you to blush….a drunken sailor and I would have been on the same page though. My grandfather kept telling me its going to look better, “they are going to spread the dirt out and I’m going to hydro seed it”. Which they did spread it out and hydro seed. What that did was make the smell A LOT stronger and now there was more space of smelly brown crap then just a big pile of smelly brown crap!

So that brings us to Sunday, July 1st, the day of our wedding rehearsal. We did it a week early because Captain Jon, who was to marry us, and Captain Annie, my matron of honor, were out on a 6 day trip that week so they wouldn’t be there the night before the wedding. Let me just say this was a brilliant idea! Having it the weekend before let us be so much more relaxed, know what last minute things we would need (and they wouldn’t be sooo last minute), we had time to make changes if we needed to and the night before we could just the last minute things and go home and relax. So its Sunday July 1st and everyone arrives at noon for the rehearsal. We get out of the car and hmmm what is that smell? (Taking a step back- my grandfather and the landscaper told us the smell would go away in a couple of days…..this is 3 or 4 days later!) We get down to the backyard and our wedding party are all looking at each other. Now its hard to notice the gorgeous view we have because all you can think is what the hell is that horrible stink. We had warned folks that is might still smell a little -going on what my grandfather and landscaper said- but WOW! People were asking where I wanted them and I couldn’t even answer. Between the dry heaving and gaging we did finally make it through the rehearsal. Someone asked if we wanted to do it one more time and almost everyone said NO!

After the “wonderful’ rehearsal I told Mark if it still smells like this next Thursday we are not getting married here. I will find someplace else, but it won’t be here….not with this smell. The good news is when we went there on the 4th for a lobster bake/bbq the smell was mostly gone and it was fine on Friday when we set the tables up and got everything put together.

So back to after the rehearsal. We all headed to In Good Company- the wine bar/restaurant my aunt owns and is the chef of – for a late lunch. The food of course is fabulous. Mark and I split the Nibbles (or appetizers) of the Olive Oil sampler with Ciabatta and the Italian Butter, Shaved Parmesan Reggiano and Crusty Bread. For dinner Mark had the cold Sliced Rosemary Beef Tenderloin with Potato Salad and Mustard Sauce. I had the best crab cakes I’ve ever had with a pepper remoulade. Also on the menu was Dilled Alaskan Salmon, Thyme scented Duck Breast, Chopped summer vegetable salad with herbed goat cheese dressing, a mesclun salad with pine nuts topped with molten feta, coat, brie or blue cheeses. And for dessert…. chocolate fudge cake with peanut butter sauce and chocolate fondue with fresh fruit. Let’s just say the food was the highlight of the day!
Below are two photos I took during the rehearsal dinner.

This one is of Raychel, Annaliese and their cousin Aiden.

This is Chloe and Ella sharing a fondue and savoring every single taste of the chocolate- I caught them at just the right moment. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – they are right!

I’ve got lots of stories to share including the story of how Mark and I met and came to be, the wedding, our honeymoon, family trips to the Desert of Maine, the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge, Fort Knox and a Sea Dogs baseball game. Also the Maine Windjammer Parade – at which I took some beautiful photos, a squirel that visited at Annie’s, happenings with the schooners, and other things I’m sure. Hope you stick around…..don’t forget to sign on my guest map!