T-minus 10 days!

Well there are only 10 days left until our wedding. As you can probably imagine things have been happening at quite a fast pace.

Last Saturday we had a crisis….. We went to my grandfather’s house (where the ceremony and reception will be) and we walked into the backyard and all I could do was stand there in shock. Let me back up a minute and say I helped to build this house. I was there when the foundation when in and I was there when we tiled the last bathroom. I helped plant and weed the gardens and I help to stain the house every few years or so. I’m saying this because I know what work has been done on the house and in the yard. So by me saying this one area to the left in the backyard hasn’t seen the light of day in 10 years, I’m not joking. There is this area to the left of the grassy part of the yard that is basically grown up brush – not pretty looking, but green none-the-less. So when we walked into the backyard and saw that all that green had been chopped down and tire tracks could be seen in the damp part of the yard.

What had happened was my grandfather, in his own way, was trying to help, tyring to make the yard look nice for the wedding. What he had done was have a bush hogger come and chop all of the grown up area down. What was left was a brown twiggy area with no green whatsoever! I was so mad. I finally burst into tears because this lovely area we had chosen to get married at was now going to have this hideous looking site. My grandfather apologized and said he would fix it before the wedding.

By Sunday night I had done nothing but think about how horrible this was. When I woke up Monday I had decided that I was waisting way too much energy on being mad and worried about what the yard looked like. I resolved that what was truly important about this whole wedding was that I was marrying the man I love, the man I love was marrying me, that we wrote our own ceremony with words that are true to us and we love, that our family and friends were going to be there, the food was going to be great, and that we were going to have a good time. Everything else was superficial and just icing on the cake. After I made this decision I actually got happy. I felt relieved and realized that the rest of the planning was trivial. All of the important things that needed to be done, were done. The big list of little things I have to do would get done if they could and if they didn’t then they never really needed to anyway.

So a big crisis turned into be a good thing. Now I can’t wait until next Saturday.