A few new addictions

Now that the summer is in reruns I’ve been channel surfing A LOT! I have a few summer shows I watch and love like The Closer, Monk, and Psych. While The Closer just started its season I still have to wait a little bit for the other two. In the meantime I’ve been surfing around looking for something other then these stupid reality shows…I mean do people really want to trade their wife in for someone completely different? Or these talent shows….kill me now! And the game shows…you’ve got to be kidding me! There is no short supply of stupid people out there…this is now a fact that anyone who turns on their television now knows. There has got to be something interesting to watch this summer.

Which brings me to the cool new shows I’ve discovered. First up, Traveller. While only an 8 episode show for the summer season I love it. Its about these three college friends who get ready to go on a road trip. A quick stop at New York’s oldest art museum and a bombing that happens while they are pulling a prank inside, two of the friend find themselves being blamed for a terrorist attack and they realize that their friend may be the person that framed them. The twist is they can’t find any evidence that their friend ever existed. What is kinda cool is that they go to the town where their friend is from…Deer Isle, Maine! So they have to try to prove their innocence while not getting caught by the FBI who is out to arrest them.

Second new show I’ve discovered…Army Wives. A great cast including Kim Delaney and Catherine Bell. It’s about the spouses of Army soldiers…4 women and 1 man who all deal with being a military spouse. All the charters are different and from different backgrounds. They have this little world that they revolve around and each, of course, has their own secrets. Its a good drama with a good cast. I really like seeing Catherine Bell again. I loved her in JAG. Speaking of JAG, I have special ring tones for folks that call me a lot on my cell phone. The one I have for Annie, Jon and the Riggin is the JAG theme tune. I have Gilligan’s Island for the Timberwind! Anyway this is a really great show.

Third… Ice Road Truckers. I only watched this last week because my soon to be brother in law is a trucker and our Riley, being a boy and all, loves trucks. I thought this would be fun for me to watch with him. He didn’t take a big interest in but I’m hooked. These guys are nuts. Below is the description for the Discover Channel. I mean these drivers drive across the ice….in big rigs….they make a road out of the ice….and drive on it! It’s nuts!

“The History Channel embarks upon an unparalleled adventure revealing the virtually unknown occupation of ice road trucking, considered to be one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. ICE ROAD TRUCKERS charts two months in the lives of six extraordinary men who haul vital supplies to diamond mines over frozen lakes that double as roads. Always prepared for the ice to give way under the weight of their trucks, these drivers put their lives and financial security of their families on the line in an exhilarating dash for cash. The desolate white landscape stretches as far as the eye can see in a world where the land meets the sky at an invisible horizon, just miles from the Arctic Circle. The fascinating, yet little-known ice road trucking industry, stationed just outside of Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territory, is responsible for supporting the diamond mines there. Canada now stands as the third largest diamond producer in the world, housing an industry that rakes in $1.9 billion a year. Each year, the many lakes of this region completely freeze over and engineers build an ice road over them that can withstand the weight of tractor trailers, hopefully. Jackknifing, breakdowns and accidents are commonplace. Last year, because of the effects of global warming, the ice road was closed early, leaving hundreds of tons of supplies stuck at the dispatch station. Since the terrain in this region is virtually impenetrable, and there are so few paved roads, the only way for supplies to reach the mines is by traveling over the ice road. The entire industry depends on the weather and the courage of the ice road truckers, who are willing to push themselves to the limit and who constantly hear the cracking of the ice right beneath their wheels.”

See they are crazy!

And last but not least is Cities of the Underworld. Its another program on the History Channel. It basically goes beneath our cities such as Rome, London, Paris, New York, Boston and explores what’s beneath. It’s really cool to know that there is a whole world under our streets. From abandoned subway line, tombs, graveyards of sorts, hidden water supplies, cities, dungeons, hideouts from WW2, and tunnels. Its so cool. I watched an episode the other night called Catacombs of Death. It took place in Paris and under the 10.5 million people that live there they are tunnels that were used in WW2 by both the French and the Germans….they were literally one wall away from each other and never knew it. Evidently under Paris is a lot of limestone and that same stone that was mined was used to build Notre Dame church and there is even a city right were the water/sewer lines run that is 2000 years old. And in one maze of tunnels there is an art gallery of sorts. It’s truly amazing. Tonight there is one about the Freemasons. I can’t wait to see it.

Well those are my new addictions. Just add them to the list. Do you have a favorite show to watch in the summer. Post a message and share it with me!