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Hello again

It’s been way to long since I last posted. While its been 18 days…it only feels like 2 or 3. The sailing season has started and both the J&E Riggin and Timberwind have sailed their first several trips. Most of them have been with great weather and all of them have been with fabulous folks from all over the country. I love the sailing season, both for the sailing and the getting to meet all these folks that I’ve talked to over the last year, but also because I get my office back to myself. I get soooo much more done when its quiet and there is no one there but me. I do miss the conversation and find myself chatting with the folks calling us alot more…but that isn’t necesiiraly a bad thing.

Thing have been really busy…and I mean crazy busy. The article in Traditional Home came out and had indunated my inbox and phone. I’m three weeks behind in reminders and have booked I can’t even recall how many folks over the last couple of weeks. Today I got to the catch up point that I’m only a week behind. I can live with that as tomorrow I’ll be caught up completey and I can get back on track.

The wedding is in 18 days and coming together nicely. We are getting excited and just working on some smaller details. I did finally work my navy in and I have flowers I’m okay with. I’m still going to carry burgundy snapdragons and everyone else will have the same ivory liasthanius ( a softer flower that looks similar to a rose when in full blossom).

Raychel and Riley are now here for the summer and Annaliese is out of school. We took the kids to their grandparents for their birthday two weekends ago. This past weekend we took them someplace else, but I’ll save that for another post as I don’t want to bore you tonight.

Well its 10pm and I’m going to hit the sack…busy busy busy around here. I hope this post finds everyone well and enjoying June.

Oh and Happy Birthday Annie!!! ( I know you are out sailing..but my best wishes to you!)

Until next time…..