Silly…but still fun!

Well, its started. Our first four response cards came back today!

I have to laugh about Annie’s, my matron-of-honor, because I work out of her house. So we mailed her invitation (even thought I’m working there), then the day it arrives I got the mail and handed the invitation to her (which I could have just done instead of mailing it). Then she puts it in the envelope to mail it back (instead of just handing it to me). Then I go to the post office to mail our mail for the day – including our response card that will end up in a post office box literally 7 steps from where I’m dropping it in the chute. It came today and I had to laugh. It was silly we know, but it was also a ton of fun today when we got to open 4 envelopes with no return address from folks we knew were coming. Such a surprise to see who was inside! I can’t wait to check the mail tomorrow now!!