Congratulations to Rodney Atkins!

Just wanted to say I’m so happy and excited that Rodney Atkins won the Academy of Country Music awards last night for Top New Male Vocalist. This is his first ACM award. I’ve been a huge fan or Rodney’s since spring last year. Check out his music at MySpace or his website.

His song If You’re Going Through Hell has really catapulted his career that started 10 years ago. I remember the first song he released called “Honesty” a few years back. Great song. And then this album came out last year and it has hardly left my CD player in the car. Annaliese loves it and always wants to hear “If You’re Going Through Heall” as she says it. One of our favorite songs on there is Watching You. Written about his son, Anna was 4 when the album came out and as one of the lines mentions chicken nuggets, fries and an orange drink…..that is what she would have every time she went to McD’s. Now she can sing almost all of the song on the album with number 1 (These Are My People – just released) , 2 (About the South), 3 (Watching You), 10 (If You’re Going Through Hell) being her favorites.
I even have Raychel and Riley liking him and more recently Captain Annie has started singing along and copies my CD (shhhhh don’t tell). Captain Jon seems to get a kick out of Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy). Talking about how a Daddy has a talk with a young boy who has come to pick up his daughter for a date.
Anyway, just wanted to say a huge congrats on “our favorite singer guy” as Anna calls him!
Speaking of awards….did you know that Captain Bob of the Schooner Timberwind won 2 Grammy’s in his music career before becoming a sea captain! Pretty cool, huh!