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Happy Mother’s Day

Well its Mother’s Day and my little one and husband-to-be were so good to me this morning. I got to sleep in for an extra hour! got breakfast in bed! and two wonderful cards and a silver heart necklace that I can have engraved (it has my birthstone on it too).

We are going to the beach today to start collecting shells and what not for the wedding table decorations. We finished stamping the invitations last night so those will go out on Monday. I’m glad we are keeping it small, because wow…wedding get really expensive really fast if you let them. I’m a little sad that I can’t put all the folks on the list that I want to, but to keep cost down we are keeping the list down.

We are taking my mom out to dinner tonight at In Good Company, the restaurant my aunt own, runs, and is chef for. I’m really looking forward to a nice glass of wine tonight. Her place has the best wine in town and her food is phenomenal! If you are ever in Rockland stop in. She doesn’t have a website or I’d link to it for sure!

So to all you moms out there…..