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Less then 1 month!

In less then a month the J&E Riggin and the Timberwind will be setting sail. Both Captains are hard at work and I can’t wait. I’m in the office so I won’t get to sail with them, but I will be living vicariously through them, the crew and our passengers. I think that’s one reason I love being there for boarding (Riggin & sometimes Timberwind) and this year for when folks disembark (Timberwind). I can feel excitement of a trip they haven’t done before, or a returning passenger who loved it so much they came back again (and again), and on the other end -for the wonderful time they just had!

Here is a photo I took last year on a trip I brought Mark and the three kids on for the day. It was foggy as could be, there was NO wind whatsoever, it rained a little bit, we barely made a ripple in the ocean, and it took us 7 hours to make it to Camden (a 15 minute drive) and you know what….it was FABULOUS! We all had a blast. The kids played in the galley, some adults spent time in the galley with the warmth of the wood stove and the delicious smells of lunch and dinner cooking, some adults were on deck just relaxing in the silence of the day, some were knitting, cross stitching, or doing Sudoku. It was a fantastic day. The photo is of Riley and Anna after having their hot cocoa and learning how to make sailors knots. It was a great day!