60 days and counting!

So we are just waiting for the stamps to come in and then the invitations are going out. We have had a hard time keeping the guest list under 100 people mostly because of me. I’m sure it probably a woman thing….or perhaps because this is my first marriage and his second, but I want to share my day with everyone! I want to invite all of our repeat passengers, I want to invite folks from school that I keep in contact with (even if it isn’t very often), new friends, old friends, etc. Our guest list is a little of each and mostly family. Mark’s family is very small so he is feeling a little outnumbered in the guest department, which I understand.

We are getting to a stage of ‘okay, what’s next’. After the invitations go out there isn’t a whole lot more to do. I do still need to go and talk to a florist….sooner rather then later. My problem with that is I want organic flowers and there aren’t any organic florists around here. If you know of one….pass it along. I’d like to carry deep red snap dragons but the men’s tuxes have the burgundy vests and ties so I’m not sure that will work anymore. I knew exactly what I wanted, and now…..no idea what’s going to work.

I know it will all work out, and it may not be the most spectacular wedding folks have been to, but it will be us, and I will be marrying the man who loves me in all my good times and in my quirky – bizarre times too!