Spring has truly sprung!

Yesterday I wore my sandals for the first time. It’s still a bit chilly, but I loved having them on. I’m so glad the warmer weather is here and I can enjoy the flowers and forsythia blossoms. Last Monday from my front yard, I snipped a few branches and brought them into work. It took until Thursday before they fully bloomed but how lovely they were….a bit of yellow in my little corner at the office.

Another spring favorite of mine are hyacinths. I like the grape hyacinths too but they smell soooooo nice. I have some outside under the mailbox that makes getting the mail an extra special activity lately…bills or no bills. There is a photo that I made last year that I love, but of course its not on this computer, so the one you see here is another one I’m fond of.
I hope everyone else’s spring has sprung too!