Wedding Website

It’s done. Well its just missing one part, but for the most part its done. I still have to write up our story to put on the site, but everything else is there. From the location, date, and time, to the registry, to the charities I have selected. So click on over to our wedding website…..I have called Elizabeth & Marks Wedding Central.

I hope you like it. I’m really really pleased to be a part of the I Do Foundation and that by registering with with the places I did I can give back to a couple of really great charities.

Now I just need shoes, to have my dress alterations done, make a hair appointment, figure out what flowers will be in bloom in early July for the bouquets and boutonnieres, and work on where to get the wedding favors – I already know what they will be, just have to figure out where to get them. I think that’s it……right??

Well this is it for me tonight…I need to go pass out now!