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On the way!

I’m so excited! I just got an email that let me know our wedding invitations are on the way. Guess that means I should make sure I have everyone’s mailing address in the right place. I should also finish up our wedding registry and our wedding website. Don’t worry I’ll let you know where it is and when its done. I’m gonna be a busy gal tonight. I think I’ll log into Yahoo and MSN messenger and see if any old friends are online.

Actually I’ll do it after I read Anna a story and tuck her in that is. She isn’t feeling well and welcomed my from scratch chicken, pasta, veggie soup. My first go at one……I should have used some chicken stock instead of the chicken water from the chicken……and maybe some more garlic, salt and pepper too. Oh well, it wasn’t too bad. I’ll have to ask Annie for a recipe – she is great at making soups!