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The Easter Bunny is a Good Guy.

So I’m not big on all these commercial holidays that are really about so much more then what the stores push on us. Anna isn’t quite to the understanding point of what we are really celebrating on Easter even though we do talk about it. On Saturday while she was cleaning her room for the E.B. she said to me “That Easter bunny sure is a good guy isn’t he mama?” It was pretty cute.

I prefer to keep Easter low key and so this year the “Easter bunny” brought all of us tickets to see Disney On Ice. It was fun for both her and I and I think even Mark enjoyed it. The part that got the most reaction out of Anna was when the Toy Story soldiers came out and did a cadence march. She was so into it. It actually reminded me that when she was a baby there were three musical things that would calm her down or entertain her. They were Patsy Cline, Bing Crosby and cadence marches (especially the Marines Cadence.) It was a fun memory to have as she is becoming more and more independent.

I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Easter! Here is a photo from last easter. The kids (Anna and my nephew Riley) had my (cheap, crappy can’t hold a tun) guitar out and had a blast! Also a video clip of the kids dancing to the Robots soundtrack – a little of each of their type of music…always a blast for me to watch!