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April Snow??

I know it doesn’t sound quite right but we got 1 foot plus of snow on Thursday! It was a lot of fun, an unexpected day off from school for the kids and I got to work from home. Now as much fun as that sounds, its a really hard juggle to be working and have a 5 year old who only wants to play with you because you are there. For most of the morning the television was my babysitter so I could accomplish some reading for the schooners that I needed to do. Come after lunch and there had been way too much tv and not enough activity for my little one. She came into the kitchen to beg me to go outside and play, I said no because I still had to work. Her reply to this (and I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it myself) was “Can’t you just read outside?” Well duh! Of course I can. So we bundled up and out we went. She played with some of the neighbors, made a sliding hill from the snow plows piles and had a blast.

I later found out through the Maine Adventure Sails Blog that Captain Jon & Annie, Chloe and Ella, and our new crew members Brandon and Ryan had made a 6 ft snowman in the yard. Check it out here. When I was at work yesterday the poor snowman was more like the leaning tower of snow then a proper snowman but still tall he was!

Yesterday afternoon we launched the yawl boat into the water. The yawl boat has always been called Pearl. I was informed yesterday that our little black yawl boat had been renamed Mighty Thor. I commented that was also a good name, but why the name change? After the Pirates of the Caribbean came out, Pearl seemed a bit cheesy as name as the Black Pearl was known by everyone who has seen the movie (it made $423,315,812 in the U.S. and became the third film to reach the $1,000,000,000 worldwide mark, with $1,065,659,812). Everyone was thinking we name our Pearl after the movie Pearl, after all she is painted black. This is not the case, but to avoid the whole conversation…….the Mighty Thor hit the cold Maine waters yesterday. Of course I do have a point here…..and that is……that I recorded this first dip. Click here to watch.

More excitingly though is that we haul the entire J&E Riggin out today at North End Shipyard. I’ll be making a time lapse video of sorts to share with our passengers, e-newsletter subscribers, and blog readers. It will be fun to watch the schooner come out from between the other two schooners she is between in her winter berth and to watch her come up the railway. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have a fabulous Saturday!