Lucky 7’s

The other day Ed D., a passenger of the J&E Riggin, sent me an article from Alabama that basically went on to say there are a ton of folks with plans for the numerical phenom. From weddings to restaurant openings, etc. (The photo here is by Frank M. Chillemi, who photographed the hand made rings (by Danny Engel) a few summers ago. This couple got married on the Riggin!)

The most interesting about the article I thought was as the writer did research he checked with theknot.com, a well known wedding planning website who said July is the most popular month for folks getting married. On any given Saturday in July there are 12,000 getting married. This year on Saturday, July 7th, 2007 (and my wedding day for a whole bunch of reason- not one of them because of the triple 7’s) there are 31,000 getting married! I’m just blown away by that number. And with an average of 22,000 spent per wedding….good lord…..maybe I should stop playing with the windjammers and start planning weddings!
Nope….not on your life. These vessels are……I’m not even sure how to describe how much I love them, their history, what they do, their owners and captains…really the whole atmosphere they provide. I’m a schooner gal for life!