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What a wonderful day!

I think I’m still full from last night! Dinner turned out perfectly.

The pork had to be scooped out of my crock pot because fork tender barely covers how falling apart it was. And the flavor- wow! I tried a new bbq sauce- Budweiser Beechwood flavor. It had the smokey wood flavor with the added bonus of beer us southerners use to tenderize our meat.

And the risotto… again! I will post the recipe later. I forgot how long it takes to make real rice, but as with all food the time is worth it for the flavors you get.

I got some wonderful card that were as perfect for me as they ever could have been. The nice sentiment with the hint of sarcasm and joking. Annaliese got me a package of Lindor Truffles- yummy. And my mom got me a family size griddle. How great will it be to fix everyone toasted cheese at one time this summer, or bacon and pancakes all at the same time….I like it!

The other big news is we met with Aunt Melody who is creating our wedding cake and has agreed to do our catering (within our budget!) so now I can rest assured the food will be wonderful.

We have also changed where we are going to get married. It had not occurred to either Mark or I that it will take 30-45 minutes to get from Mt. Battie back to Owls Head July 4th weekend. So with that in mind and knowing we could use the $225 in entrance fees we have decided back on our second plan (yes there have been more then two ……3 or 4 actually). We are going to get married at my grandfathers house on the water in Owls Head with a view of two lighthouses! Now if I can bribe mother nature regarding the weather I’m golden. I’m really quite happy about change……more for sentimental reasons then anything else. After all I did help in building this house from the foundation being done to sheet rock and insulation. So with the deposit made on the tents and chair we are finally making some headway.

What a wonderful day!