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I am older today then I have ever been!

So today is my birthday. I’m already showing signs of memory loss and I’m not even 30 yet.
I was talking to one of my bosses (Captain Bob of the Schooner Timberwind) and he asked how old I was going to be. It took me at least 4 minutes to figure it out.

“Am I 27 or 28, no wait, I’m 28 now? No, I’ve got to be 27. I know I’m not 26 so am I 27 going to be 28 or am I already 28. Crap. If I was born in 1978 and this is 2007 that makes me 28 no…..29. Wow I’m going to be 29 this year. Cool.” That is pretty much how the conversation went.

It was then that I realized I’m not a number girl….well as far as birthday’s go. I just don’t care how old I am. All that matters is that I’m alive, healthy and enjoying life. And since I am all of those things today……its a good day to turn 29! Also….and just for the added bonus…its not snowing! It seems that every year on my birthday the white stuff flies. I mostly think its mother natures way of telling me that just because this is the first full day of spring…I’m still in control. This I can live with.
So we are keeping things pretty low key tonight. I’m making dinner and my mom will come join us. In our family its tradition that on your birthday not only do you get to pick your cake, but you get to have whatever you want for dinner. I REALLY want barbecue. Now bbq here in Maine is A LOT different from bbq in Texas. And since I have officially lived in Maine for 25 years now (:-( ) I’m having the non-Texas version of bbq pulled pork. I’ve got it in my crock pot to slow cook for 8 hours and tonight will fix the Mushroom, Pea and Parmesan Risotto. (I’ll share the recipe with you if it turns out.) I feel as though I still need a green veggie but not sure what will go well. Perhaps more peas. For dessert, I’ve decided to go the non-cake route. I tried this last year and my other boss (Captain/Chef Annie of the J&E Riggin) made a wicked good cake with Caramel frosting- I had no complaints. But this year I decided to not tell anyone until yesterday that there would be no cake eating on my birthday. I have instead opted for Sundaes- complete with pound cake( okay so I guess there is a bit of cake), peanut butter cup ice cream, fudge sauce, whip cream and of course my maraschino cherries!

I have already opened three of my gifts. Two came last week and didn’t need wrapping (and no not because Mark didn’t want to) because I knew what they were. I’ve been waiting patiently for their release date and they just so happened to be before my birthday. Casino Royale (the new James Bond flick with Daniel Craig-yummy) and Gary Allen’s Greatest Hits CD. I love his new song A Feelin’ Like That! Love, love, love them both.

Then this morning when I came into work I had a gift from Captain Jon & Annie and Chloe and Ella- a Quince scented candle from Henri Bendel (A New York 5th Ave designer) Boy oh boy does it smell good. I knew a Quince was a type of Apple- but pear shaped (sort of a cross between the two) but read the description on the side “Originally from Persia, the fruit of the quince tree was the mythological golden apple awarded to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, for her unmatched beauty. Quince’s vivacious fragrance includes hints of sultry peach, rich floral tones and luminous sandalwood notes.” Perfect for me – fresh, floral and woody. I just love anything with Sandalwood! It’s my favorite fragrance of all time!

I’ll let you know tomorrow how dinner went. I’m only working half a day today and going to meet with my aunt Melody to see if her catering the wedding is going to be a possibility for us and then I’m off to get a birthday massage. What a day.

So here’s a toast to hoping your birthday is as happy and healthful as mine is!