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The last month

So boy oh boy….I said I was going to write everyday and well… you can see from my last post that hasn’t happened. Well besides being really busy and straight out I’ve had the flu and sinus infection and recovered from both. Been working alot. Watched a few movies. Got to see Raychel and Riley- they were here for their spring vacation a couple of weeks ago. Of course that was the same week as the flu so it wasn’t alot of fun, but I got to see them anyway.

The first Sunday they were here we took them to Boston. We had used Mark’s and my Christmas money to make a memory. So we drove down to Portland where we met up with Meme (Mark’s mom) and Matthew (Mark’s nephew) and took the train (AmTracks DownEaster) to Boston. It was the kids first time on the train and they really had a good time. This first photo is of Anna and Raychel and our conductor.

After arriving in Boston we took the T down to Government Square and headed off to find something for lunch. We ended up at Quicy Market. What a cool place. It was amazing. Imagine the food court at the mall times 20….with all kinds of foods from your typical American with Hamburgers, to Japanese, to a Philly Steak shop. It was great.

After lunch we continued down to the water to the New England Aquarium. First stop was the IMAX theater to watch a Deep Sea movie. Wholy Cow! The screen was huge! And that was the first 3-D movie I’ve ever seen. I kept trying to reach out and touch the jelly fish that floated by my face. I even jumped when a piece of seaweed fell in front of my face….anna jumped too but not from the movie…from me! After the movie we headed on over to the Aquarium. It ended up being Mark’s mom, Marie, and Riley and Matthew- who haven’t seen each other since Thanksgiving and are more like brothers then cousins. Then it was Mark, Raychel, Annaliese and I together. I think we all had a really good time and when asked what the best parts were, we agreed the sea turtles were pretty cool as were the the penguins and the seals that played for us. Outside I got a photo of all the kids to mark our first mini-vacation together. I can’t believe I actually got a shot of all 4 of the kids smiling! Of course I did take about 10 shots to get 2 good ones, lol.

Overall it was a long but really good day. I was impressed by how well all the kids did. The train ride home was okay……there had been a Celtics game earlier so on both legs of the trip we had young adults taking advantage of the snack bar complete with beer. We were glad to crawl into our beds back here in Rockland a little after 12am.