Everyone Knows!

I forgot to tell you….now everyone knows when we are getting married. We hadn’t told the kids yet, because we wanted to tell them in person. They knew we were engaged and were planning to get married someday down the road. They didn’t know that we had decided that day was in 2007. Well they do now. We spent a week this winter trying to come up with a way to tell them when they came to visit in March. We finally decided on t-shirts (my brilliant idea if I do say so!). I called Jimmy at the Embroidery Shop to embroider three white t-shirts with the kids names, their title for the wedding, and the wedding date. The shirts came out great and showing them to the kids was excellent.

After breakfast their first morning here, we gave them each a package that had been wrapped. We said, “When you figure out what this is, shout it out so the other two will know too.” We figured on Raychel guessing first since she was the oldest. Anna got hers open first and said quizically, “A t-shirt?” We said yes. Raychel spoke up next, as expected, said “A wedding?” “Yes” we said again. The next 2 mintues were spent looking at each other and then at us, then each other again, then me…all with a question on their faces. So I said, “Anything else you notice about the shirts?” Raychel again spoke up and said, “Its got our names and what we are going to do for the wedding.” Then she showed Riley and Anna what the words were below their names. I spoke up again (as Mark and I were chuckling) and asked, “Anything else?” It was like someone flipped a switch as piercing the silence was a resounding “THIS YEAR!?!?!?!” Mark and I laughed harded as all three kids looked at us and asked, “Really?” It was perfect and just what Mark and I wanted….to tell them and have them be surprised.

All three kids wanted to wear their new shirts and of course, I had to get a photo. So here they are in their personalized shirts, knowing that they will be a part of their dads wedding.