"Super" Disappointed

Well, it was a long night watching the game and commercials, both of which were disappointing. The game had such promise of excitement with the opening play being a 90+ yard return for a touchdown without anyone touching the ball except the runner. It was all down hill after that. I’m amazed that so many folks watch it. I didn’t really care who won, but am glad that Manning got a bowl under his belt. Now Tommy doesn’t have to feel bad for him anymore.

Now the commercials……..seriously……what a disappointment. Again with the promise of laughter with the Blockbuster ad, it was moslty down hill from there. As I watch the commerciald I gave them a rating of 1-3. My list of picks that rated a 2, 2.5 or 3 are below.

3 – The Blockbuster ad with the mouse ( the only one to score 3) was my favorite after all was said in done.

Budweiser’s: Rock, Paper, Scissors; No Speak English;
Doritos: Checkout
GM; Quality Robot
Sprint: Connectile Disfunction
Budweiser: Dog gets spots; Gorillas
Coke: What else haven’t I done?
E-Trade: One finger

And that was it. I lost count after 71 commercials. My least favorite winners were the two Sierra Mist commercials- not even a smile was cracked.

Oh well that’s it until next year!