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Groundhog Day Follow-Up

So I asked my five year old, Annaliese, how her field trip to see the groundhog went. She says with as much sarcasm as a 5 yr old can have and tells me all about her experience.

“Mumma, it wasn’t even real. I saw the real one this morning……remember on the ‘puter? Well, the ground hog wasn’t even real. He was a man in a suit with a really big head! I mean, come on, mumma I know it wasn’t a real ground hog. And there was another guy in a shadow suit! And he had a balloon guitar. Ground hogs don’t even do that!”

So I tried to explain that sometimes people do things for entertainment and they were showing the younger kids (even though she is one of them) what happens on Groundhog Day. Then we talked about what else happened on the field trip. Evidently they had cider which was pretty good according to my little expert! 😉 and cookies.

Overall I think she had a good time, but it was quite funny to listen to her exasperation on the real versus the costumed groundhog. Click here for a link with photos to the event posted by Village Soup-a local newspaper/online publication.

This weekend we are taking it easy. Saturday we hand made all of our Valentine’s cards and laid low. She has this nasty cold that is going around. Last night while tucking her into bed she was crying and said, “Mumma I think there’s something really wrong with my nose. It doesn’t work right. I can’t breathe out of it!” It was a long night and has been an even longer day today. Glad we are getting the worst of it (I hope) over the weekend and not when school is in.
Tonight is the Superbowl. I’m bummed the Patriots are not in it this year. I was hoping if we weren’t then at least New Orleans would be. Oh well, should be a good game, and I can’t wait for the commercials. Especially the one at the 2 minute warning that was done by a Mainer! I’ll have my pics for you tomorrow and let you know my thoughts on them. Now I’m off to take my fresh Crusty Peasant Bread out of the bread machine and going to make Annie Mahle’s yummy Cauliflower, Jalapeno, Cheddar Soup! Let me know if you’d like the recipe!

Happy snacking!